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Janów Investment Zone „Borownica”

The Janów Lubelski Investment Zone "Borownica" is the area of the "greenfield" type of an area of ca. 200 ha, which in the Janów Lubelski Commune Local Spatial Development Plan has been designated for business purposes. The plots here belong to: Janów Lubelski Commune, Farmers' Cooperative in Janów Lubelski and to natural persons.

The Janów Lubelski Subzone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN: was created by the Regulation of the Cabinet of 24 September 2007 (Law Journal No. 182 entry 1300 of 3 October 2007). It lies within the Janów Lubelski Investment Zone "Borownica" and covers an area of 18.5 ha.

Location: the Janów Lubelski Investment  Zone, including the Janów Lubelski Sub-Zone, is located in the village of Borownica directly on the roads: No. 74 - leading from Piotrków Trybunalski to the border with Ukraine and No. 19 - the main route of eastern Poland - ultimately Expressway S19

- 80 km from an airport (Jasionka near Rzeszow and the planned airport in Swidnik near Lublin)
 - 20 km from a railway station (Szastarka, Zaklików)
 - 3 km from a bus station, a bus stop at the border of the investment zone
 - nearby: a service station, industrial facilities (industries: wood processing, machine, agricultural and food, textile)
 - close to the Municipal Solid Waste Utilisation Plant (however, according to the available documentation and the used technology, the proximity of the plant does not affect the location of industrial plants in its vicinity).

Purpose:  According to the local spatial development plan of the Janów Lubelski Commune, approved by Resolution No. XVIII/126/04 of the City Council in Janów Lubelski of 16 July 2004 (Official Journal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship No. 173, item. 2422 of 28.09.2004) together with the still valid as a result of the adoption of the above plan amendments to the general plan of the Local Spatial Development Plan of the Janów Lubelski Commune introduced in Resolution No. IV/17/02 of the Town Council in Janów Lubelski, dated 30.12.2002 and the amendment introduced in Resolution No. XXXVIII/249 / 09 of the Town Council in Janów Lubelski, dated 24 July 2009 (Official Journal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship No. 110, item. 2492 of 22.09.2009 r.) The land is earmarked for commercial services and manufacturing. Production and service businesses can be located within the allotted areas, complementary and interchangeable functions are permitted - warehouse and storage, not interfering with the planned development. Housing functions and undertakings that can significantly affect the environment, for which it is obligatory to draw up a report on environmental impact are excluded.

Area: Total Area of the Janów Lubelski Investment  Zone - about 200 ha, including: the area of the Janów Lubelski Subzone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Wisłosan - 18.5 ha.

Arable land:  agricultural land, land class: D IIIb, D IVa, IVB, R, RV, R-VI

Infrastructure within the investment zone: The Janów Lubelski Commune received funding to supplement the existing utilities in the following areas: construction of water supply systems, sanitary sewerage systems, telecommunications network of ducts, street lighting, widening and extending the existing road and the construction of a new section - completion of the works by the end of 2010

electricity supply network - within the zone, voltage: SN-15 kV, available power: up to about 1 MW - within the zone, higher power can be supplied (over 1 MW) - distance of about  2 km, individual agreements with the Electricity Supplier; 

gas network  - Natural gas, medium-pressure reducing station, behind the companies of Komas and Caterpillar - the distance of the connection from the boundaries of the zone: 200 m, calorific value: 38 MJ/Nm3, pressure: 0.23 MPa, feed pipe diameter: 150 mm, available capacity - 3200 Nm3 / h, high pressure gas pipeline - within the zone, capacity: 3200 Nm3 / h, calorific value - 38 MJ/Nm3, pressure: 3-4 MPa, feed pipe diameter: 200 mm.

 water supply system - within the zone, pressure: 0.45 MPa, the feed pipe diameter: 100 mm, available capacity: M3/24h 1296.

sewage network  - within the zone, before the Komas company, available capacity: 250 m3/24h, feed pipe diameter : 600 mm.

teleinformation  network  - talks with Telekomunikacja Polska SA about telecommunication network utilities.

Note: The parameters given and distance connections are for informational purposes only. The exact parameters and connection conditions should be obtained from network providers.

Building restrictions:

 - Percentage of permitted development: 70%
 - Maximum height of buildings: 26 m

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